Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Week to Go...

Next Sunday we will say goodbye to AZ... as thrilled as I am it also makes me sad to think about it. This has been our home for the past six years. Many memories made with so many good friends. As happy as we are to be back in California I know that we will miss Arizona at times, this is where our family started, where Justin and I started a life together! I can't post any new pics because my camera is STILL broken, but Nolan is huge and full on running, opening doors, being a little "man". It's fun to watch him grow. He makes me laugh every day. It will be nice to have our family around. I always knew my cousins and grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. growing up and I didn't want Nolan to grow up with out that same experience! So thanks Nolan, you let mommy get outta the desert once and for all!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Few Pics From Cali

I managed to take a few pics at the end of the trip when Nolan could finally keep his lunch down. We went to go visit my dad when the sun FINALLY came out!

Cousin Time in MICHIGAN



The past few months Nolan and I have been keeping pretty busy! We went to Michigan in February to see my sis and her family, we had a ton of fun! Nolan loves his cousins so much! Him and Addy, Daniell's baby became the best of friends! They shared their cups, binky's, and kisses! Ha! Kissing cousins!!! Then her family flew back with us to AZ as they had a family reunion on Garret's side to attend. After about a week Daniell and I took our kids and flew to Cali together to catch up with family for a few weeks. Nolan was sick the entire time with a horrible flu, the sickest he had ever been yet! Go figure it happens while on vacation! Two trips to the ER at 2am, puke, diahreah, the whole nine yards. My entire family was sick! I think Nolan just had it so bad because he is so little... Anyway we still managed to have a little fun seeing all our family! It was so nice to see everyone, we miss them all so much! As soon as we got home Nolan got sick with ANOTHER flu, this time it was only a mild fever and two days of puke! He held some in for DAD! Poor little thing... He is doing good now! Had his first birthday with a Mickey theme, he loves his Mickey Mouse! Our good friends Rob and Emily came over to spend some time with us. Nolan is now walking and running around! Can't believe he is one already!

Justin just completed his CFI, now he can teach people how to fly. Go JUSTINE! He has yet another few weeks until he finishes. I have managed to stay busy packing boxes, chasing Nolan, and reading Twilight. Yes Y'all can make fun of me now! I got hooked! We should be home in good 'ol Cali soon, we are so excited!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Today my Heart is FULL

Today my heart is full... full of love for my sweet baby boy who came to us. Why? What did We do to ever deserve such a sweet, mesmerizing little boy? Why were WE chosen to have him? He melts my heart every day. He is such a blessing in our life. Sometimes I selfishly think that my Dad had something to do with his arrival... I love you baby Nolan!